Polish American Political Club

Minutes for the Annual Meeting January 20th, 2018




10:00 AM    Meeting Called to Order.


     A moment of silence in remembrance of deceased members followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.





     The minutes from the previous meeting were read.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as read.  This was passed by all in attendance.





     There were no new communications to report..



Membership Report:



     There were one (1) new applications for membership.  A motion was made and seconded to send the applications to the executive board for review.  The application was not on hand at the time of the meeting and as such, could not be moved for discussion or vote.




Report of the Committee’s


A portion of the PAPC hall has been painted in time for the PAPC Annual Meeting.  Thank you to Kevin, Jason, and Dave.


Unfinished Business:


     The Ponderosa land lease deal was discussed.  A lawyer representing the City of Bristol admitted to the lease being improperly handled on the city side.  The new land lease deal, as proposed, will continue for the next twenty-five years with a 1% per annum increase to the club,  on the existing taxable rate.  The PAPC will have the club attorney, William H., look into the land lease deal.  Further included within the lease is a request from the Pequabuck Golf Course,  for and easement for a natural gas hookup.  This needs further examination as well..



New Business:


     There was no new business to report.



Report of the Treasurer's :


      Treasurer Brad Y. highlighted the included annual financial report stating this has been the most difficult year in terms of finances for the PAPC, in his 28 years as treasurer.  Business in the summer of 2017 was as bad as it had ever been,  and as such, club finances suffered.  Brad stated club business has rebounded nicely and the numbers have stabilized.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer's report as read.  The motion was passed by all in attendance.. 


Election of Officers:


     A Brief introductions were made by the candidates running for elected office.  The first election held was that for the offices of Vice President and Treasurer.

     In the Vice Presidential election, the totals were as follows:

Winner and new Vice President Jim D. - 44 votes,  Gary W. - 29 votes,  and Jason W. - 12 votes.

     In the election for Treasurer, the results were as follows:

Winner and new PAPC Treasurer Will O. - 74 votes,  Jim D. - 11 votes.

     Congratulations to the winners.


     The second election was for the 6 trustee positions.  The election totals were as follows:

Pat N. - 73 votes,  Brad Y. - 72 votes,  Jason W. - 71 votes,  Gary W. - 65 votes,  Kevin S. - 59 votes,  and Brian K. - 59 votes. The alternate trustee position goes to Tim C. - 34 votes and the second alternate position goes to John S. with 33 votes.

     Congratulations to the 2018 PAPC trustees.



Good & Welfare:


     A gourmet meal and open bar to all in attendance..



11:16 Meeting adjourned